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“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”

Wealth Investing

This is the core of my business and what I love to do. Building Growth and Income Portfolios for you with an emphasis on Capital Preservation. 

With Aligned Capital Partners innovative investment platforms I have access to world class institutional investment councilor’s to build portfolios that work towards your financial goals. 

The Case for Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments differ from traditional long -only equity, fixed income or cash investments and can refer to either alternative asset classes or alternative strategies or approaches to investing. 

Alternative asset classes are Real Estate, Infrastructure, Commodities Private Equity and Private Debt.  

They provide Portfolio Diversification, Alpha Generation and access to select /niche opportunities. 

Alternative Investment funds can significantly improve the risk adjusted return profile of a traditional portfolio and provide enhanced downside protection in turbulent markets. 

“ Rule #1 Never lose money. Rule #2 Don’t forget Rule #1."
“You have to pay your taxes but there is no need to leave a tip”

Retirement, Tax, and Estate Planning

Everyone needs a financial plan to assess where you are currently so that we can make better decisions to get you to a recommended financial plan comfortably. Also understanding how your Estate will be distributed currently is incredibly important and the many things we can do now to make this more tax efficient to leave less to the government and more to your beneficiaries efficiently. I provide all clients with a written Financial Plan that can be updated annually. It is the only way to make good decisions now so there are no surprises in the future.   

Education Planning (RESP) and Retirement Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

These 2 governments sponsored plans can go along way to help younger Canadians achieve their goals. 

“ Rule #1 Never lose money. Rule #2 Don’t forget Rule #1."
“You have to pay your taxes but there is no need to leave a tip”

Protecting Your Wealth

Guaranteed Products and Protecting Your Estate

Do you worry about the volatility of the markets and what this is doing to your family’s security and your own financial strategies? Perhaps you have reached the date in life where you need a guaranteed income bearing solution. Wherever you find yourself right now we have access to the country’s top guaranteed investment rates from Canada’s most secure financial institutions.   

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I am a trusted wealth adviser with a proven investment approach for forward thinking professionals, providing valued advice at any stage in life.  

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"Allan takes the time to get to know you and your financial goals, and makes complicated financial information easy to understand. After a few sessions with him, our financial lives were better organized, and our path forward very clear. We’ve been able to achieve what we needed with his analysis, financial planning and guidance. I’ve recommended him to several friends."


"Allan’s passion for his job is evident and his knowledge of the financial industry is impressive. I know he cares about our family and is motivated to help us achieve our retirement goals."


"I have worked with Allan for over twenty years and find him open, friendly and totally professional. The integrity, attention to detail and follow up gives me the confidence and comfort I need in my finances."


"Thank you for helping me with my finances for all of these years and truly understanding my financial situation. I can sleep at night knowing my retirement plan is on track."